>Halo Halo Special

>I need to thank my “auntie” for coming up with that title. It’s actually the title of the talk show that she does every Saturday Morning. My blog is named after that because I feel that my life has seemed to resemble something like a Halo Halo (pronounced as “Hollow Hollow”)

What’s a Halo Halo? Halo Halo is a Filipino dessert or snack. It’s a mixture of sweet preserved beans, cocount meat, jackfruit, sweet yearm, sweetened plantain, filled with crushed ice, condensed milk, and topped with ice cream. It’s a very sweet and filling dessert.

Halo means to ‘mix’. My life has certainly been a whole mix of things; emotions, events, people. I’m really having mixed feelings about my career.

My day as a teacher begins well. But as the day progresses, it seems that all I ever do is discipline students. This is the first year where I’ve had to spend so much time trying to quiet the class down so that we can get to work. My blood pressure rises even more if I hear that some of my boys get into little fights on the playground. It’s the same group of boys everyday.

Parents are concerned and they too find little or no control over their children and ask me for advice? I don’t know what to tell them. I feel hopeless and insecure about that.

At the end of the day, a little bright spot opens when two of my students hug me before leaving the classroom. Even with the rush to meet the bus, head to soccer practice, or piano, they still manage to come by my desk, extend their arms and say, “Thank you Miss ******…See you tomorrow!”

Knowing that they expect me to come back tomorrow is what has kept me going for the past 7 years. Yes, I’ll be there tomorrow.


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