> In the past, I’ve never cried at any of my meetings with families. Today however, was a different story. It happened with my last conference of the day..

My student (let’s call her Brandy) has two, wonderful parents who adopted her when she was three years old. It takes her a little longer to learn concepts, or discriminate between ideas, but I do love her spirit and her willingness to succeed against any challenge that comes her way.

Brandy’s biological mother was a drug user, and had used crystal meth while she was pregnant with her. She had no prenatal care, and the exposure to crystal meth had an impact on Brandy’s first few days of life. Brandy suffered withdrawls and had a craving for the drug; shaking and crying for 2 weeks.

I can’t begin to imagine how someone could put their own child through this kind of trauma. The drug certainly begins to take over a person’s well-being. It’s sickenning, and I know that Brandy isn’t the only student in our school who was prenataly exposed to drugs.

Brandy is really lucky that her adoptive parents have good morals and work hard at helping her succeed in school. After talking to them, I can tell that they would sacrifice just about anything so that Brandy can be on the same “playing field” with her peers. Parents like hers are pretty rare; gems that are hard to come by.

At the end of the conference, I began to tear up.

“Oh Miss ******, stop! Now I’m going to cry too, ” said Brandy’s mom. Dad wanted to cry too!

We wern’t tearing up because of sadness or because we felt sorry for Brandy. They were actually tears of joy, knowing that with the right guidance, support, and love, Brandy’s gonna make it through life just fine.


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