>Run Free

> It feels so good to just run…
Run without stopping
Or getting tired.

Okay…I’m soo not writing a poem. I’m just not that kind of writer, although I wish I was. Anyway, I’ve been running a lot lately. Not just to get in shape (which I really need to..I’ve let myself go! ACK!), but because running allows me to enter a zone.

The music plays through my mp3 player, and I run to the rhythm of the beats. Eventually, all I hear is the pounding of my feet combined with the sound of my breath…inhale in..exhale out. My eyes don’t wander. Instead, they focus on a particular object. Mental images of the day along with images I envison tomorrow race through my head. I can do this forever…

I feel as if my deepest thoughts come as I hit the pavement (or the treadmill). Each step I take allows me to crush all of the frustration and negative feeling or attitude that I hold up inside me throughout the day. I’m able to move forward without having all of the “bad stuff” weigh me down.

*POOF* Then side pain kicks in.

Awwwww Shucks! Nah…Take a break, just walk, or try again tomorrow.
But feels good yeah?


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