>Ten Truths…

>I need to thank Ji-in for this idea.

“So, just for the helluvit, only 10 of the following 15 statements are true about myself”:

1. I teach during the weekdays and vent out my frustration by playing paintball on the weekends.
2. My mother and I are former “Miss Filipina” titleholders.
3. Imelda Marcos and I talked over sushi at a Japanese restaurant in Manila.
4. I’ve recorded my own CD.
5. I auditioned for American Idol when it was filmed in Hawaii. Jasmine Trias was went right before me.
6. I’m the co-founder of a newspaper.
7. I actually enjoy performing on a stage.
8. I was a drum majorette in high school.
9. Woody Harrelson once asked me to massage his feet.
10. I’m also a Police Commissioner.
11. I’m looking for a career change.
12. My parents are still together.
13. I played the saxophone for 8 years.
14. I love to eat “chocolate meat” (Dinaguan) or pork cooked in blood.
15. I have a Master’s Degree in education.


3 responses to “>Ten Truths…

  1. >Hmm. OK. Making some wild guesses here. I’m going to say numbers 3, 6, 9, 10 and 15 are not true. So did I get any of them right?!

  2. >You scored a 1 out of 5. Eeek! I’ve had a pretty eventful life so far…=)

  3. >Whoa!If you’re ever feeling at a loss for blog material, just go down that list then. 🙂

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