>Today was the first day back from our two week vacation. I admit that I had been dreading this for the past few days, but today wasn’t so bad. The kids came in, settled themselves in their seats, worked on Math 4 Today, and then started a journal entry. Some students chose to write about what they’d like to do in 2006, while others wrote about how they spent their vacation with their families.

Here’s an interesting quote from one of the entries that I thought I’d share…

“In 2006, I would like to smell the air. I think the air will smell better this year”.

As I read through this entry during recess, I thought…What a profound statement from an eight-year old. I wondered what he meant by it. Perhaps he’s looking forward to a better year and taking the time to enjoy what life has to offer.
As I gave it more thought, I realized…Ahh..He’s probably referring to the new Glade Plugin that I refilled yesterday. Sure enough, he came back from recess, took a deep breath, and commented on how “sweet” the class smelled and how much he liked it. =P I think he should use those words again when we write poetry next week.

Hmm…this week seems to be ending on a very sad note. I just learned that the coal miners left farewell notes for their families and that news of Ariel Sharon’s stroke has already elicited some very disrespectful and inappropriate comments.

My thoughts and prayers are with their families.


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