>Wowowee…The Guv…Eric…and the Bakla Hairdresser

>There’s this popular game show in the Philippines called Wowowee. My mom watches it all the time. No real skills apply, just knowldege of pop culture facts and lyrics to random songs. I’m so proud…Our governor appeared on the show today. Yes, the Governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle, made her first 2006 campaign appearance on Filipino TV in front of millions of Filipino viewers throughout the world. She sure knows a way to get Filipino votes this November…by extending an invitation to Willy and his gang to to film Wowowee in Hawaii. Way to go Guv!
Some of the game show contestants today included bakla hairdressers, Filipinos from Virginia and San Diego, and my friend Eric! Yay…Eric was on Wowowee!
Eric was brought up to challenge the bakla hairdresser named Hector, and told him, “I’m the Donald Trump of Hawaii and you are SOOOO FIRED! You’re going DOWN!” The gay hairdresser shot back in his thick Filipino accent saying, “Well if I’m going down, make sure you give me chocolate!” Huh? That was soooo random!
Anyway, the question was posted in Tagalog…I think it tanslated to, “Name the Beatles song…The Long and Winding ________.” Eric answered, “ROAAAD!” and won 3000 pesos which amounts to a whopping $57 in US dollars. That’s actually a lot of money in the Philippines.
Oooh…maybe he can use some of that to buy us some polvoron.


1 thought on “>Wowowee…The Guv…Eric…and the Bakla Hairdresser”

  1. >greetings from manila..I want to ask how can i contact the officers of United Filipino Council of Hawaii? My boss from The Mabuhay Manor Hotel (the First Balikbayan Hotel) will be coming to Honolulu and would want to meet Filipino association leaders and talk of sponsorship..

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