>I give up! I’m starting to realize that keeping students in class for recess to finish their homework is more of a reward than a consequence. For some of them, staying “in” means not having to suffer for 15-20 minutes in the hot sun with nothing to do. There’s a limited amount of play equipment at the park, and you don’t have to worry about being picked on by older students. Staying “in” means having 1:1 time with me. Students love the attention, especially if mom or dad couldn’t help them with homework the night before because of their work schedule. Sad…
To those who get homework done, I provide rewards on Fridays. The third grade teachers call it “Fun Friday”, where we reward our students with a 20 minute activity period. Students can choose one of the classrooms to play board games, watch a movie, take part in a craft, read silently, or participate in an enrichment computer lesson. Those who missed 2 days of homework during the week go to study hall, and the same students end up there every week. I write notes to parents in their child’s planner, notifying them about their student not turning in homework. Things get better for a couple days, and then homework stops coming in. It’s a constant pattern that my grade level teachers and I are getting really tired of.
What makes things worse is that the teachers were asked not to average homework into the grades that we give students at the end of each quarter. Instead, we determine a rating for their “ability to be responsible for their own learning” and document that rating in the General Learner Outcomes section of the report card. So essentially a student may be meeting proficiency towards standards, but “rarely” or “sometimes” demonstrate the ability to be a self-directed learner.
I don’t know what to do. I’m obviously in need of some advice. Help!


1 thought on “>Ugh…Homework”

  1. > hello there! I’m a Filipina teacher too. Have I been here in your blog before? Looks very familiar!I believe you are doing the right thing with your students. You just have to be consistent with the rewards and incentives you give them for every homework done. The problem with the Educational System in your School/ District is not something you have control with. Your problems are the same problems that we all have, I don’t have a solution to the problem, just a suggestion to make things easier that works for me (I hope it works for you).Have you been to PINOY TEACHERS NEWTROK website? http://www.pinoyteachersnetwork.blog-city.com It’s a great help, great resource, if you join the egroup. Most members are like us, Filipino Teachers teaching in other parts of the worls (Singapore, London, Switzerland, not just US and Phils), it’s a support group where we can vent ount our teaching problems and experiences and get positive feedback from others. We’ll wait for you there!

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