>Tomorrow marks one week since H’s mother passed away. Her death came unexpectedly and shocked many of her friends and family members. She was the kind of person who would put her own needs aside so that others could be taken care of first. She was the matriarch of the family, and the one who was instrumental in bringing her brothers and their children to Hawaii. She provided her relatives with a place to live, and an opportunity to begin a new life in Hawaii. Her family sufferred a great loss when she passed away.

Family and friends have been gathering at H’s house since last Saturday for prayers and fellowship. I expect to see her sit at her usual spot outside the house, next to the window, talking and laughing with H’s cousins and aunties. She had this cute way about her when she laughed. She would cover her mouth and giggle, with her eyes smiling, shaking her head at the jokes and anecdotes. It’s hard to believe that she’s no longer here with us. I’ll never get to share stories with her, joke about H, and be able to hug her again. She’d been asking when H and I would get married. It saddens me that she’ll never get to see H get married or meet her own grandchildren.

H’s mom was truly a genuine person with a good heart and a positive outlook on life. I miss her.


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