>Paragraph Rubric – Created by the Students of J206

>The students created a rubric for their paragraphs. Here is the grading scale that our class came up with:

ME/MAP (4) – No more than 5 sentences; lots of details; indentation; capital letters & punctuation marks; sentences begin with different words; almost all words spelled correctly; neat writing; stick with the story.

MP/AP (3) – At least 3-4 sentences; some words spelled correctly; needs some capital letters and punctuation marks; 3-4 mistakes; must be able to read clearly.

N/LP (2) – 2-3 sentences; missing capital letters; no indenting; not quite sure of what to write; makes little sense; shows little effort.

U/NP (1) – Didn’t try; no effort; made lots of errors; no periods or capital letters; can’t read it; sentences don’t make sense.

Students understood that they created this rubric for themselves. I agreed to use the rubric they created to grade their papers.


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