>A gift from Herman…

Sweet yah? =) I started my new job about a month as a planner in a consulting firm. And this is what Herman got me on my first day on the job. Yes, I finally broke free from teaching just to start all over again in a completely different career. I’ve been on the job for just three days and I’m learning so much about project coordination, land use procedures and the different terminology associated, building standards, infrastructure, and working with community groups. Transitioning from the classroom to an office has also been quite an experience. I admit, I’m a little overwhelmed at this point and I wonder if I’ll ever absorb and make sense of the information coming to me. It’s a little scary…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all one bit. In fact, the work is fascinating and exciting! Today, for example was pretty eventful. I did a project site visit in Kula this morning, had my MPD commission meeting after my site visit, took a short lunch break, reviewed a project that I’m assigned to, then headed out to Kahana for a community meeting regarding an affordable housing project in Lahaina. The exciting part in all of this is being involved in change that affects the community. I really liked seeing community members getting involved in the design of the project and hearing what their concerns are. It goes to show that people really care about the community they live in.

Hmmm…I wonder…When it comes to your community, what are you most concerned about?


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