>Shake it like a Polaroid Pict-cha!

>Before digital cameras, instant pictures were generated using this thingamajig called, the Polaroid!

My aunt has a Polaroid camera that she used for many (you wouldn’t believe how many!) years. She captured many wonderful family memories using her trusted camera. You knew it was a good family party when she busted out the Polaroid!

My mom today, scolded me for not going to my aunt’s birthday party last night. I feel pretty bad for missing it. Anyway, mom told me about much fun the party was, and how silly everyone got when my aunt started taking pictures. I asked mom, “So how did the Polaroid pictures come out?” She said, “Oh..no Polaroid. Your cousin Joe got her a digital camera for Christmas. That’s what we used last night.”

And so, the Polaroid camera retires, but the wonderful family memories continue on!


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