>Last Saturday at Ala Moana

>C.R. and I flew to Oahu last weekend to attend a pageant. She was making an appearance at the event and I was her chaperone. We had some down time before checking into the hotel, so we decided to do a little shopping at Ala Moana. We found this great parking spot next to Sears, walked through the doors, and found Shane Hamamoto, Gyotaku artist, signing t-shirts for fans. I thought that the Gyotaku t-shirt was a great idea for a Father’s Day gift for my dad, so I stopped by to take a look.

Gyotaku is a form of Japanese fish printing originating sometime during the mid 1800s. It’s a form of printing that Japanese fishermen used to record the fish they caught. Over the years, the technique developed into a beautiful art form. I thought of doing this as an art/science lesson when I taught third-grade, but unfortunately didn’t have the time.

Pigment is applied to the fish.

Once the pigment is applied, rice paper is paced carefully on the fish and then pulled off.

The artist applies different colors to the impression to create different textures and to capture the different characteristics of the fish.

Here’s my dad’s shirt: an ulua and a tako…his favorites! Thanks Shane!


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