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>Watching Trey Grow Up

>It’s been a little over a year since my last blog post. So much has happened to our family in that time. We lost dear relatives, reconnected with those who we haven’t seen or spoke to in years, celebrated birthdays, and switched to new and exciting jobs. Over the course of one year, the neatest thing that I was able to do is watch my son grow. He’ll be 17 months old tomorrow. It’s amazing how he’s transformed from an itty bitty baby to the toddler that he is today. He’s a very curious little boy, and I can also see a little stubbornness in him that he probably inherited from me. Poor child. Actually, poor parents. Hehe…I’ll save that in another post.

I love the way his eyes light up when he learns how to do something new, or learns a new word that he can add to his vocabulary. Seeing that tells me that non-tangible rewards do exist for little ones and that a person can be motivated simply by feeling success. I truly hope that this is the case and that someday, Trey becomes the type of person who wants to do well in sports, academics, or in music because he just wants to be good at it, not because Mommy or Daddy will offer $5 for every goal or good grade, but because he knows that deep down inside, being good at something makes him a better person.

Here’s the latest picture that I snapped of him last night, just before he went to bed.

He and our cat Hero have become best friends. Despite Trey pushing Hero off chairs or pulling on his tail or fur, Hero has been very good to Trey. It’s as if Hero knows not to hurt Trey because he’s a child and doesn’t know better. Cats are pretty smart animals!

I just love watching the two of them grow up together!


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