>Weekend Project

>During my walks around the neighborhood with Trey I can’t help but admire all of the manicured lawns decorated with lush ferns and tropical flowers, or be inspired by the look of palm trees lined up alongside pathways accented with stones. But the one thing that always catches my attention is the look of a colorful play set on a neatly kept lawn. Trey deserves to play in our backyard and be able to enjoy having to run around or kick a ball on a grassy lawn. Unfortunately, our backyard is not quite the place for him to play in. I’m hoping to see that change pretty soon.

Before this weekend, our backyard was pretty much a wasteland of dead grass, broken lawn furniture and gardening supplies, and a gazebo structure that just seemed out of place. *Sigh* Our backyard has so much potential. If only we took the time to take care of it.

Herman and I finally got to work on Saturday, getting some landscaping put in our backyard. It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it…Thanks Herman! And big thanks also go to my aunts and uncles, as well as my Dad, who joined in on the tilling, trenching, installation of borders, and the planting.

We figured we’d start with something small, so we decided to till the areas alongside the perimeter of our fences and the house to provide enough space to plant some native ferns and flowers.

We decided to plant laua’e fern, kupukupu, and red ginger.

My aunts helped with the planting and spaced out the plants to allow them enough room to spread out and grow along the perimeter of the fence. I believe a total of 60 plants were planted today!

But the work wasn’t quite over. Herman needed to get a drip irrigation system put into place, so we took a trip out to Home Depot to gather some supplies. Trey decided he would do some reading on drip irrigation as well.

Herman did his magic once we got home, and got a watering system in place!

Whew! What a weekend! There’s more work to be done. Next, we’ll finish up the irrigation system and redo the lawn by bringing some sod in. I’m so excited!!!

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