Quilted Card

Here’s a card that I made over the weekend:

I found this idea in an old issue of Scrapbooks Etc., but never got a chance to start it until this past weekend.  Now that I’ve dusted off my sewing machine, I’d really like to start working on projects that involve a combination of both paper crafts and sewing.  I’ve always admired how others  have been able to incorporate stitching into their scrapbook and card projects.  It really gives the project a personal touch.

In order to do this card, I cut out two-inch squares from four different patterened papers and one solid color cardstock, making sure that the colors were coordinated.  I then used double sided tape on the back of the patterened squares and laid them in a pattern onto a piece of cardstock.  After laying the squares in a pattern, I ran a zig-zag stitch along the lines, added ribbon and some buttons to embellish card piece a little, and finished it by attaching it to the front of a blank card.

What I like about this card is how versatile it can be.  Last night for example, I gave it away as a birthday card for a little boy celebrating his 1st birthday.  What I did was punch out a scallop shape, stamped a little design and wrote a greeting, then punched a hole and fastened it to the ribbon with a piece of twine.

If I could do it over again, I’d change the stamp and find something in a circular design that could fit in the scallop punchout.  For the most part, I thought it was still cute.

Hope you enjoyed this! I had so much fun making this card!


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