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DIY iPad Sleeve

iPad sleeves, cases, and covers can be very pricey, and sometimes you just can’t find the right color, pattern, or style that fits your needs. My husband has been talking about designing his own iPad sleeve or case for some time now because he can never find the right one. So last night, I went back to the sewing table to work on a basic iPad sleeve project.

I found a great tutorial from Amber at that had easy to follow instructions with pictures.  I consider myself a beginner when it comes to sewing, so I really appreciated Amber’s tutorial.

I decided on using some leftover fabric from quilt that I made for my son (Which reminds me, I should blog about that project as well…it was sooooooo easy!).  I also did a slight modification by using an elastic band and a button instead of a velcro flap.  Here it is!

Not too bad for my first try!  My stitching is kinda off, but I think it adds character. I think next time however, I’ll use coordinating thread. =)

I wanted a sleeve that was a bit sturdy, so I used a heavyweight fusible interfacing.  It does the job well, but you do end up with a super stiff fabric and creases like the one you see in the picture above.

The tutorial calls for 4 pieces of batting for the for the cover pieces and the lining. Some may want their sleeve to be a little thinner, but I think that having the 4 pieces of batting creates the right amount of padding for your iPad.

I’m using a first generation iPad in this sleeve.  It sticks out just a little bit, but it’s because I used a bigger seam allowance when I pieced the fabric together.  I tried the sleeve using my husband’s iPad 2, and it works perfectly well!

Yay!  Success!!! I am so happy that I found the tutorial from, and suggest that you give it a try!  What I’d like to do with my next iPad sleeve project is to add a pocket to the front of the sleeve for my iPhone.  I may also want to add an applique to this current sleeve to give it a cutesy and craftsy touch.   Stay tuned!!!


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