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Echo Print Jelly Roll and Charm Pack Quilt

One of my favorite online quilting/fabric shops is Missouri Star Quilt Company. I browsed their website the other week and found a great deal on their Echo print Jelly Roll and Charm Pack by Lotta Jansdotter. I bought two of each with the intent of making a lap quilt for myself or something for the kids to snuggle up with.

I think it was the colors used in the prints that caught my eye. Then I realized that I had a wall hanging that was very similar to them! I have one in green (as pictured below) and another one in cranberry red. It sort of reminds me of a lehua blossom.

In the past week or so, I spent some time in cutting pieces for for my blocks. I decided to go with an easy block pattern, just taking the charm pack square and using the jelly roll strips to create a border. When do I find the time? I usually get to work on my sewing late at night, when the little one is sleeping or when he and my husband are playing with his cars or trains. =)

Here’s what I’ve completed so far! I used strips of white Kona fabric and 2.5″ in squares to create a sash around the blocks. I have yet to complete the border to this quilt top (maybe a grey border) and finish it with the backing and binding.

Hoping to get it all done this weekend! My husband and I however, have so much more to do before baby arrives in a month. Will keep you posted!


5 thoughts on “Echo Print Jelly Roll and Charm Pack Quilt”

    1. Me too! I’ve yet to finish it, but when I do, I’ll update my blog post with the “after” picture. You’re from Maui too!?!? We should meet someday! Love your blog!

      1. Thanks! I actually grew up in Hilo but married a Maui boy and we live in Kahului 🙂 Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  1. Nice quilt. I just finished my very first jelly roll apron. I had thought to do a quilt, but stumbled across a jelly roll apron pattern, enough for my daughter and I. I think I just might try using a jelly roll set to make my next patchwork quilt. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Oooh…a jelly roll makes for a great “stitch as you go quilt”. I was going to do a blog post on one that I did recently for my son. It was soooooooo easy to make…you would not believe how easy and quick it is! I suggest you visit Missouri Star Quilt Company for their YouTube videos. They have an awesome tutorial for this kind of quilt!

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