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Quilted Tote Bag – Tutorial from Moda Bakeshop

Moda Fabrics has a great blog at  The contributors have so many great ideas, which include different types of quilt ideas, gifts, apparel, home decor, and all other goodies that use precut fabrics from Moda.  I searched their blog site for a tote bag, and came across the “recipe” for the Hushabye Tote Bag and Coin Quilt made of yardage, jelly roll strips, some interfacing and fusible fleece.  The great part about this recipe is that there’s enough material from the jelly roll to create a small coin quilt.  Well, here’s my take on the tote bag!

While I didn’t have the Hushabye jelly roll on hand, I decided to use some existing fabric I had.  I’m not that great at coordinating fabric colors, but I’m still happy with the end result!

I thought twice about the orientation of the bag. There were times when I would look at the pieces and go “Hmmmmmm…is it this way, or that way?” Instead of a shorter and wider tote, I put together a taller and narrow one with deep pockets.  This was actually done by accident.  I should’ve gone with my original thought, but that’s ok…it still looks great. =)

Here’s a photo of what the side of the bag looks like.

There are four deep pockets in the front and back, and the bag itself has great space for clothes, diapers, and lots of toys.

I like that I can fit a sippy cup in the front pocket.  I could also fit one of my son’s favorite books and a package of wipes!

I started cutting the pieces on Saturday night and completed the sewing in a few hours on Sunday night.  The little one and I replaced his Angry Birds backpack and started using this tote bag this morning.  The tote is so much easier to use than that backpack, and surprisingly enough, could fit more things.  I’ll be giving this “recipe” another try and thinking about different ideas for adding inside pockets and a flap.  I love this bag and can’t wait to give it another try!


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