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Ultrasound at 35 Weeks and Big Brother

We got to see our baby girl at our 35 week ultrasound on Monday evening, and she’s doing well! She looks great on screen too! 🙂


The ultrasound pics dont always look the best, but images of her on the screen were amazing! We were told that she weighs in at approximately 5 lbs. and 13 oz., that her heart rate is fine, and that her growth and development are on track. Just one more month and she’s here!

My husband and our 2-year old son accompanied me to my appointment. My husband has always been at every ultrasound appointment, but what made this visit extra special was having our little boy there with us.

Here he is with my husband after our ultrasound visit.


We’ve been getting our son prepared with the arrival of his little sister by reading books about siblings and watching videos. Some of the things my husband and I constantly do is remind him of how much we love him, that he’s a smart and good boy, and tell him how he’ll be a great big brother to his little sister. I’m pretty confident that he’ll be a great big brother when the baby arrives.


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