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Meet the newest addition to our family!

She’s finally here!  Meet the newest addition to our family, Lauren!

Lauren with her minky blanket.

Lauren arrived a day before my scheduled C-Section.  Trey woke me up in the middle of the night for something to drink, and when I got up, my water broke.  Yikes!  I alerted my hubby, got changed out of my PJs, got my hospital bag together (which included the blanket, onesies, and the boppy pillow and cover I made for the baby), and called my parents to let them know that we were bringing Trey over to their house.

Things moved pretty quickly after  I checked into the hospital.  I was hooked up to a fetal monitor, consulted with the OB and the anesthesiologist on call, and got prepped for surgery.  This C-Section experience was completely different from the one I had with my son.  I wasn’t as nervous, and I made the best of it by talking with the nurses and with the anesthesiologist who was close by, monitoring my vital signs.  Talking with the staff and letting them know how you’re feeling helps them understand your needs.  I was cold (the OR was about 65 Degrees!), and they put a bair hugger on me to keep me warm.  I started to feel itchy (from all the narcotics), and the anesthesiologist was able to give me something for it after the procedure.  We also talked about things I had been doing to prep for the baby, and before you knew it, we were talking about sewing and quilting and future quilt shows at the arts and cultural center, and at the county fair.  How fun was that!!!

After some time, my daughter’s pediatrician came in, followed by my husband.  The procedure progressed quickly, and before we knew it, the doctor brought Lauren over the partition for hubby and me to see.

Hospital volunteers crochet baby beanies for all newborns.

I must say, the OB staff at Maui Memorial Medical Center, the OB (Dr. McCartin) and anesthesiologist (Dr. Yeskett) on call were all excellent.   They were all so patient and kind.  They answered all of my questions and were always available if I needed something.  There’s also a new program where the hospital offers a special dinner (steak or chicken) for the mommies and their partners when the mommies are ready for regular food.  I was lucky to be one of the first recipients of this new dinner.  I think it adds a nice touch to the stay at the hospital, and I hope that they’re able to keep this special program going.

Dinner comes along with a table cloth and a cute lantern!

Herman had the steak and I had chicken.

The picture doesn’t do much justice to the meal, but believe me, it was great!  Dessert included tiramisu and red velvet cupcakes!

I must also add something about Lauren’s pediatrician, Dr. Hirayama who was also wonderful. I am however, a little biased since I’ve known him from when I was a little girl.  He also lived next door to my family’s home and would make house calls whenever my brother or I got sick.  He’s always been great and caring.  In fact, all of the pediatricians at Maui Medical Group are terrific!

My stay at the hospital was pretty short, just two nights.  I felt better on my second day at the hospital and felt ready to go.  Although I was ready to go home, I actually liked being at the hospital…I didn’t have to worry about anything!  This reminds me to make an advertisement for the Maui Memorial Medical Center Foundation. Please consider making a donation to the foundation.  The foundation works with the staff at the hospital to provide funding for state-of-the-art medical purchases and to support patient care and healthcare outreach in our community.

The transition to having one child to two has been quite a challenge.  It takes a little longer to get ready, there are more diapers to change (although we’re getting Trey toilet trained), when one child is sick, we try to keep the two apart (which we’re experiencing now as Trey is getting over a cold), and overall making sure each child’s needs are fulfilled.

Trey is trying really hard to be a great big brother.  He loves his little sister, but I can tell that he feels a little left out at times, especially when I’m holding Lauren or feeding her.  I think he’s starting to understand that he has to share mommy and daddy.  Herman and I make it a point to let him know that he’s special to us and that he’s a wonderful little boy.

Brother and sister! Lauren is wearing a applique onesie that I made a few months ago.

One of my favorite pics of the two. I’m soooo in love with my kiddos!

Notice the quilt they’re sleeping on?  It was in one of my previous posts!

Herman and I are adjusting well with having two kids and making sure that we spend a good amount of quality time with them and with each other.  Parenthood is an amazing experience!


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