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A Celebration of Quilts – 3rd Annual Quilt Show on Maui

In my last post, I mentioned that the anesthesiologist on call during my C-Section had told me about a quilt show happening in town. I had to find out where it was taking place, so I looked it up on Google and discovered that it was being held at the Bailey House Museum in Wailuku!

Herman, the kids (who napped the entire time we were there), and I headed over to the museum yesterday and saw all of these beautiful quilts!

I’m glad that it was nice and sunny day. The weather was perfect for having the quilts displayed out in the garden!

There was a great mix of quilts of different colors, prints, and patterns.

There were a number of Hawaiian quilts, including this mini silversword quilt. There were also a few historical quilts displayed inside the museum. One was dated back to 1870. I love the look of Hawaiian quilts and appreciate the time and effort spent in hand-quilting the work. I’ll need to try it someday!

This particular quilt (pictured above) caught my eye. I love all of the different pink prints used in it!

Must thank the Maui Historical Society, the Bailey House Museum, and the members of the Maui Quilt Guild for this beautiful showing of quilts!


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