Baby Shower Gift, Trey’s Hooded Towel, and Some New Projects

Last weekend, I attended a baby shower for one of my best friends and her husband.  It was the baby shower that I had been waiting for since they got married…I am so happy for them!  I wanted to get them and baby a special gift, so I decided to make a minky rag quilt with matching burp cloths and a diaper clutch.  Here they are…

I enjoyed making these gifts for my friends, and I wanted to make something special and from the heart for them and their little one.  They’re expecting a baby girl in May, so I thought that the colors in the rag quilt were just right for the season. For this quilt, I used 6-inch squares and backed them with green minky fabric.   My baby girl, Lauren, has a blanket just like it.  I am super excited that they’re having a girl.  I’m hoping that our daughters become great friends when they get older. They’ll have matching blankies!

Lauren, the day after she was born.

I didn’t use a tutorial for the burp cloths, but I did find a great tutorial for it at ChickPea Sewing Studio.  For these burp cloths, I used a 3-ply diaper cloth and top-stitched a 6″ wide strip of fabric on it.  The 3-ply diaper cloth is super absorbent and has a thick pad sewed into it.  When I first made burp cloths, I used a thinner diaper cloth, which was ok,  but the spit-ups would either roll off the fabric or seep right through the diaper cloth and on to my shoulder (yuck!).  When you plan on making burp cloths, definitely use a 3-ply diaper cloth or a 6-ply cloth for your projects.

A diaper clutch comes in very handy when you need just a few diapers and wipes to carry in your purse.  I found a great tutorial for the diaper clutch at Diary of a Quilter.  I think I’ll be making a bunch of them not just for diapers, but other things I carry in my purse for my kids (clothes, toys, snacks).  

Trey’s Hooded Towel

So before Lauren was born…seriously, like HOURS before she was born, I completed a hooded towel for Trey.

I had been making so many new things for Lauren, that I felt the need to make something for Trey.  A hooded towel was the perfect thing for him.  He was outgrowing his baby towels, and he needed a towel that covered him from head to toe.  This towel was also great for evening visits at my parents’ home.  It gets pretty windy at their house, so whenever we head into the car, we always try to get him covered up with this towel.  I got the idea for this hooded towel from searching Pinterest (OMG..I love Pinterest!).  Here’s the tutorial for the hooded towel.

For Trey’s towel, I embellished it with fabric from Robert Kaufman’s Urban Zoologie Collection using the Whales print, and matched it with green rick-rack.  I actually started working on the hooded towel a few days before Lauren was born, but Trey’s name on the back of the towel was sewn in just the night before. =)

 New Projects

I’m slowly taking on new projects when I find the time between naps and feedings.  After completing the Echo Charm Pack and Jelly Roll quilt, I was really satisfied with the result and wanted to make something similar for my parents.  This time however, I decided to make a Disappearing Nine-Patch quilt using the following fabric:

I also got the following fabric at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago:

Of all places, Wal-Mart had these prints.  I’ve decided to use them with some linen fabric to create projects from Rashida Coleman Hale’s book, Zakka Style.  There’s a sew along that started during the first week of April, and although I’m a little late in getting started, I do plan on finishing the first project, a linen tote bag, and work on a couple more projects from the book!  Till then, my projects lay quietly on my sewing table, waiting to be picked up…


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