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Kamehanaokala – The Warmth of the Sun

This colorful little quilt is on its way to the Midwest:

My cousin Amber and her husband Jay are expecting their first child in about a week, and we are very excited for them!  To celebrate their little bundle of joy, I thought I would make a Hawaiian print quilt for their little one.

Amber and Jay were here on Maui last summer, along with Amber’s brother Brian, his wife Anna, Uncle Ben, and Aunt MaryLyn.  One of the things Herman, Trey and I did with them was watch the sunrise atop Mount Haleakala.  If you’re ever on Maui, one of the things you need to do is experience a Haleakala Sunrise.  It takes approximately an hour and a half to drive up to the summit (about 10,000 feet above sea level), so you’ll need to plan ahead of time to arrive there before the sun peeps out, and also to secure a good spot for viewing.

The colors at daybreak, once the sun starts rising above the clouds, are amazing!  Imagine for a moment… When you arrive at the summit, you’re surrounded in complete darkness, with the exception of stars and the moon out.  Slowly, an explosion of color of different shades of pink, red, orange, and yellow begin to emerge along with a bright blue sky.  These are the colors that I used as inspiration for this quilt.  I wanted to capture the essence and warmth of the sun (also referred to as ‘Kamehanaokala’ in ‘ōlelo Hawai’i) using different prints and designs.

I also wanted to choose fabrics that featured places in Hawaii, so you’ll see squares that say Hanauma Bay, North Shore, or Lahaina.  The backing also has a strip of fabric with different place names in Hawaii.

I think it’ll also make a good “Eye-Spy” quilt when baby gets older.  Here are a couple of things to find on the quilt:

1.  Find the square with the word Lahaina.

2.  How many squares have surfboards on them?

3.  Can you find the honu (turtle)?

4.  Three lions.

5.  Where is the “Donut house”?

I really enjoyed creating this quilt for Amber, Jay, and their baby; from choosing the fabrics to actually quilting it on my sewing machine.  I’m hoping that it brings them a little bit of sunshine and warmth from Hawaii, all throughout the year!

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New Fabrics!

Robert Kaufmann Fabric!!!

This collection is Robert Kaufmann’s, Pick A Bunch collection, by Nancy Mimms. I believe the yellow print is also from Robert Kaufmann, but in a different collection.

I ordered a layer cake and a jelly roll from Missouri Star Quilt Company a few weeks ago, and it arrived within days! They’re so awesome! The yellow print was from Sew Special, a fabric store here on Maui.

The collection features different prints in shades of blue, green, red, yellow, mauve, and purple.




I wasn’t sure what I would do with the fabric when I bought it. Call me an impulse buyer, but I loved what I saw and knew I could make something out of it. I love bright colors and retro prints. This collection was too cute to pass up. I’ll more than likely create another quilt, but my first objective is to create another diaper bag using the yellow print (in the first picture at the very top) as a the main part of the bag.

Here’s a canvas fabric that I bought over the weekend at Fabric Mart in Kahului….


Cute huh? Not sure what I’ll want to do with this, but I loved the colors and the design! If you’re ever on Maui, check out Fabric Mart on Dairy Road in Kahului. They have a large collection of Hawaiian and Asian prints at great prices.

That’s it for now! I think I’ll get started on my second diaper bag in a little while…Till next time…=)