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Pre Preschool and a 10-Week Update!

It’s been just about one month since my last blog.  The time just flew by so quickly!

Pre Preschool

During my last month of maternity leave, Herman and I decided to enroll Trey in a preschool program for 2-year olds.  We wanted Trey to socialize with other children, develop his language skills, and be exposed to art activities, music, and reading. The center offered a half-day session, so we thought that it would be a good way to ease Trey into eventually transitioning to a full day of school.

Herman and I had never sent Trey to a sitter or daycare, so we were a bit concerned that he would cry all day and not enjoy any of the learning activities that the center provided.  That wasn’t the case at all.

Trey at the year end celebration.

Herman and I accompanied Trey to school on his first day.  We got his Crocs off his feet, put his bags in his cubby hole, and once he saw the other kids playing with the toys, he immediately followed suit and joined in on the fun.  He was so focused on playing with the other kids that we didn’t get a chance to wish him a good day!  It’s not that we didn’t want to say “bye”, we knew that prolonging our goodbyes would confuse him and make him a little apprehensive about staying in school.  Today, we make it a part of our morning routine to talk about how much fun school is, wish each other a good day, and give him his hugs before we get to the doors of the center.  After entering the door, he gets his shoes off, puts his lunch and water bottle away, and heads off to the different toy centers.

Trey loves to sing. Here he is singing, “Slippery Fish” with his friends.

Although Trey has only been in school for a month, Herman and I noticed him using his words a little more, showing politeness, identifying shapes (square, triangle, diamond, star, oval, and circle – yes he now knows the difference between a circle and an oval) and colors, and demonstrating a little more confidence and independence.

Herman and I are really happy with the teachers and the teachers’ aides at his preschool.  They’re very nurturing, sweet, patient, and encouraging.  They have well planned activities and also offer diaper changing for kids who aren’t quite potty trained.  The center is also close to work, and is bright, colorful, and spacious.  There’s even an area for large motor activities, which includes a “rock” climbing wall!  How fun is that!?!?

We’re looking forward to having the regular school year start up again and are excited for the learning opportunities ahead.

Trey gets his certificate and a lei at the year end celebration.

10-Week Update

Who’s this little girl?

It’s Little Miss Lauren!

Lauren is currently 10 weeks old, and at her 2-month checkup, Dr. H. described her growth as “exploding”!  She’s now 22.5 inches long, weighs about 12 pounds, and has a head circumference of 15.5 inches.  Big Girl!

Lauren’s also hitting quite a few milestones which include smiling, cooing and mimicking certain sounds and faces that we make at her, batting at toys and grasping at them, sleeping for longer periods at night, and lifting her head during tummy time.  We’ve noticed that she also likes sitting up in our arms, and oh yeah, she really loves her daddy and is showing a preference for him!  Whenever Herman  talks to Lauren, she coos a lot, smiles, bats her eyelids, and even giggles! She’s developing a personality. =)

People often ask how Trey’s doing as a big brother, and I think he’s great.  He acknowledges his sister when we meet up with people, helps me when I’m diapering her, and also tries to comfort her when she cries.  At times, I’ll hear him say, “Don’t cry baby sister.  It’s ok.”  He loves to pet her head and give her kisses.


I recently returned back to work full-time, and we’re all doing well with the transition.  Herman and I are really lucky that my parents are able to babysit.  Mornings are a bit hectic in our house, but I think we’ve developed a good routine that enables us to get out of the house in time…sometimes…=)

While I loved being at home with the kids, I did miss being at work and with my coworkers.  I love my office and it’s great being back there.

So tomorrow is Father’s Day!  Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there, and most especially to my dad Fred, and my husband Herman. Love to you all!

Herman with the kids. Happy Father’s Day, Love!